Amazing Benefits of Cheese, The Tastiest Healthy Food

Diary products are always important for my diet menu; from milk, yogurt and yes, cheese! From since I was still living in Indonesia, both milk and yogurt have been crucial for my breakfast and even my dinner.

I would love to have eaten cheese regularly too. However, the cheese types in my country are not so various as it is not our main dish, so I preferred to consume more milk and yogurt. Cimory yogurt drink was my favorite brand in Indonesia. It’s fresh and healthy. Plus, Cimory also offers various fruit flavors.

Italian Cheese at Christmas Market 2013 near Cathedral of Milan (Duomo Milano)
Italian Cheese Stand at Christmas Market 2013 near Cathedral of Milan (Duomo Milano)

While now, the almost four years life in Italy  has been satisfying my love for cheese. As maybe most people have known, Italy is one of the biggest producers of cheese. They have like 300 types of cheese that I haven’t even tried yet, I mean not all.

In Italy, I usually eat Pecorino, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Ricotta, Provola, Scamorza, Mozzarella, cream cheese, Fior di latte and some others that I still can’t remember the exact names. Well, I know, too few right! I have only tried around 5% from the total types of Italian cheese.

Is Cheese only for Delicious Taste or Health Benefits?
For me it’s for both. I mean for people who love dairy products and who aren’t allergic to them, cheese could be very tasty and healthy as well. By consuming cheese regularly, it will absolutely help to get adequate source of calcium and protein. Cheese also provides great sources of vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K for teeth, bones and skin.

Additionally, cheese is also beneficial to keep the nails strong and it provides biotin and zinc for the hair. For its good content of calcium, people will as well protect themselves from osteoporosis. Cheese also provides good minerals like phosphorus and iron for the teeth. Cheese is generally a great investment for bone, dental and skin care.

In Italy, I usually eat cheese in main dishes such as for pasta, rice, bread and even sometimes, I could eat just the cheese without any addition. And for the cream cheese, I always choose the low fat one to avoid high cholesterol level.

For cheese lovers, Italy is really one of the best destinations to have “cheese experience”. And of course, I hope someday, I could finish trying all the 300 types of Italian cheese.

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