Let’s Eat Shiitake, The World’s Healthiest Mushroom

Recognized also as medicinal mushroom, Shiitake provides its consumers with various health benefits that could improve body stamina by eating it regularly. This mushroom is known to come originally from East Asia like Japan (its name derives from Japanese language), China or Korea.

However these days, this magical mushroom is imported by many countries and can be found in many Asian food stores, even in Milan, Italy at the China Town in Paolo Sarpi). What are the health benefits of Shiitake?

Dry Shiitake Mushrooms
Dry Shiitake Mushrooms

1. The source of iron and vitamins (B2, B3, B6 and D)
2. Anti-cancer and anti-tumor
3. Cardiovascular health maintenance
4. Immune and stamina development
5. Protection of the liver and the cure for inflammation
6. Reduction of cholesterol level (also blood cholesterol)
7. Anti-aging benefit and delicious taste

When you eat this healthy mushroom, you’ll notice that it has particular and unique taste that will add special smell to your dish. Often for example, when I buy dry shiitake, I always wash it first and then soak it into water.

When the mushroom becomes wet and ready to be cooked, I don’t throw the water away (I mean the water I used to soak it). But, I use this water most of the time to cook rice or soup later to make the taste and smell of the dish become better and stronger.

Other funny thing is that the taste of Shiitake mushroom is chewy. This way, sometimes you’ll feel that it is as if you were eating meat but in fact you’re not. So, in my opinion, this could be also a great option to replace meat for the vegetarians who prefer not to eat meat.

And even if this mushroom was originally famous in Asia, especially East Asia, more and more people in the present days consume it too. Some eat it for the health benefits, some eat it for the unique taste and others eat it for both reasons. So, what about you?

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