Visiting Lake Como? Then, Bellagio Must Be On Your To-Do List

I’ve come to Lake Como for many times and I’ve always admired the gorgeous view around the lake. However, I feel that my journey to Lake Como was finally completed when I visited the Pearl of Lake Como. Yes you know it, Bellagio!

Located around an hour and a half boat trip from Lake Como, Bellagio is absolutely worth for a visit (or even more than one visit). Having the nickname “The Pearl of the Lake“, it’s indeed the precious jewel of Lake Como.

Beautiful Bellagio
The Beautiful Bellagio

When I came there in the Spring of 2014, I could tell you that I finally witnessed the charm of Bellagio. In Spring, not only the weather and temperature are perfect with blue sky, the sunlight also gets its way to make the lake around Bellagio look extremely superb.

Other than the surrounding lake, Bellagio is also recognized as the town where you could enjoy the historic center of numerous important sites like centuries old buildings since Bellagio has been remarkable from Roman Times, Middle Age, the 19th century and even to the present days.

lovely flowers blooming in Spring
lovely colorful flowers blooming in Spring

And if you really want to stay there not only for one day visit, you can also find uncountable shops plus excellent hotels and restaurants that will facilitate your whole stay there and make it memorable. In Bellagio, I’m more than sure that your experience will be splendid.

Not only you can enjoy the magnificent view, you can also do many exciting stuffs offered by Bellagio, such as the journey of history I mentioned earlier, lake activities including sport and of course, your moment of relax. If you love to go shopping, there are the finest shops where you’ll discover outstanding Italian products.

Having known all these stuffs, I should tell you that when you plan to visit Lake Como or Lombardy in Italy, Bellagio must definitely be on your to-do list too.


  1. elyann14 says:

    It’a a beautiful area!! Definitely worth a visit 😉


    1. Indeed, both Como and Bellagio are stunning 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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