Starting from today February 19, 2015, the Chinese calendar has started the new year, changing from the year of horse to the year of goat (sheep). From yesterday evening on the new year’s eve until usually at least the second or third day on regular celebration, Chinese people in the Republic of China and in other countries; or even the Chinese descents around the globe are celebrating The Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year of the Goat (Sheep)
Chinese New Year of the Goat (Sheep)

The Chinese New Year is also widely celebrated with various dishes for bringing the good luck. Among the dishes that I know, there are the longevity noodles (for good health and long life), whole fish or chicken or duck, dumplings, spring rolls that represent wealth and oranges for the chosen fruit. But of course, there are also some other dishes prepared for this special occasion.

Other than the food choices, many Chinese also follow the before Chinese New Year traditions such as having a hair-cut, cleaning the house well and also buying new clothes to wear before the start of the new year.

What’s more interesting during Chinese New Year is that the older people give red envelopes filled with money called Hongbao to the younger ones as the symbol of good luck and to avoid bad spirits according to the tradition.

Now, I’d like to greet everyone who’s celebrating it a very sincere Happy Chinese New Year of the Goat or Sheep.

“May this new year fill us with good health, a lot of joy and good luck to come into our lives and if you’re celebrating it, wishing you happy celebration with families and relatives – Dewi Wihardja”

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