Last time I told you about the other magic drink I brought from Indonesia, Sambiloto. Now I will give another secret to you about another drink of “miracle” from Indonesia that is known as The God’s Crown or The Crown of God, which is widely recognized in Indonesian language as Mahkota Dewa.

The Dry Leaves of God's Crown - Mahkota Dewa
Dry Leaves of God’s CrownMahkota Dewa

For you who want to live a healthy life or cure some diseases, this could be another effective traditional herbal drink for you to drink regularly. But first, I have to be honest that it doesn’t taste good. It’s quite bitter even if it’s not as much bitter as the king of bitter, Sambiloto; but still, it really is for you who aren’t used to bitter herbal drinks.

However, even if it’s not one of the most delicious drinks available, the healing benefits cannot be doubted. Like some other traditional herbal drinks that many people would avoid for the bitter taste, The God’s Crown or Mahkota Dewa provides you the health benefits that you can never imagine, such as:

1. Preventing and healing two of the diseases you fear the most, Tumor and Cancer.
2. Neutralizing the body toxins.
3. Killing any bacteria, virus and fungal in your body.
4. Curing diarrhea problem.
5. Helping your diet by reducing body weight and making your skin smooth as it contains antioxidants.
6. Preventing and healing the cardiovascular diseases and strokes.
7. Reducing high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar level.
8. Healing uric acid and rheumatic.
9. Ensuring perfect blood circulation and making sure everything works well.
10. Improving the stamina of our body.

Why Is Mahkota Dewa So Powerful?
The silly answer will be it’s because the name itself is called The Crown of GOD so why would you doubt its miracles ? But I won’t answer only this way 😀

So, here is the reasonable answer. The God’s Crown or Mahkota Dewa is so powerful as it has four crucial chemical substances including Flavonoid, Alkaloid, Saponin and Polyphenol. They are the fantastic four that contribute to the superpower of Mahkota Dewa and provide the health benefits this herbal drink gives to the consumers.

And as an Indonesian, I’m proud that The God’s Crown or Mahkota Dewa is indigenous from Indonesia as I believe the best medicine should be natural.

Also, I’m happy that I’ve brought enough of its dry leaves to Italy for my herbal drinks supply! Now, would you want to try its superpower too? 😉


  1. t.hegin haokip says:

    I like this very much
    as my wife is a breast cancer patient,so where to get this product/available.if it is healing i can promote seling also plis.


    1. Dear Sir,

      This product is available in Indonesia unfortunately. I’m sorry I can’t provide you with the product as I’m not the seller and I wrote it for the source of information to people. But maybe you can search it in online stores… The Indonesian name is “Mahkota Dewa”.

      I wish you all the best as well for your wife. May she recover well to perfect health. Really sorry if I have confused you


  2. Linda Temple Taylor says:

    How do I get the herb


    1. Hi Linda, for this herb you can try to contact Indonesian government representative in your country. Are you in USA? Is it for reselling or for personal use?


  3. Tnay swee hua says:

    one day can drink hw many cups n izit wan boil or jz pour hot water in thn drink


    1. Hi,

      You can drink 2 cups: 1 in the morning and another at night but I suggest after meal because it is super bitter and not really good with empty stomach.


  4. Vincentglen calixtro says:

    I had a rheumatism,my hands is inflame,,sometimes my feet,,i read about your herbal medines came from indonesia..and its good,,im interested in this herbal medincine,,
    How can i try this….im from philippines


    1. Hi, I think you can try to contact Indonesian government in Philippines.

      Manila – Philippines

      Person in charge : Irawan
      Position : Trade Attache
      E-mail :


  5. Sylvi J.Lendio says:

    How much ?


  6. Sylvi J.Lendio says:

    How much ?


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