Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is a very important day for most people to express their affection, especially for couples. On this day, many couples would even feel more special than any other day as it’s well-known as the day of love or romantic love.

Some go out with their loved ones on fancy dinner while some others buy lovely gifts to make their loved ones happy. And men usually buy flowers like red roses to express their affection to their partner. It all depends on how they want to celebrate this special love day.

However, even if this is the day to be celebrated as the special day to show affection to loved ones, it would also be good to take it as a reminder that showing affection is a great thing that could make someone else happy, not only in couple relationships, but also in other relationships. And more importantly, let’s show our care and affection not only on Valentine’s Day, February 14, but also on the other days 🙂

And now, I will just greet you Happy Valentine’s Day and hope you’re enjoying it with your loved ones, especially that this year, it comes on Saturday or weekend, meaning that you could even celebrate it better on your day off from work.


With love,

Dewi Wihardja

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