Oatmeal, Your Best Diet Menu Ever!

Last time  I wrote that oatmeal was one of my favorite diet menus. Usually I eat this during breakfast and dinner with skimmed yogurt or fresh skimmed milk. By eating oats regularly, actually we are investing in health for long-term future. Now let me tell you why you should include oatmeal on your diet menu.

mushroom-oatmeal-teaLower Cholesterol and Calorie Plus Good Source of Fiber

By eating oatmeal as the source of our carbohydrate, we make sure that the carbohydrate entering our body is low in cholesterol level. This is good for people who have high cholesterol level. In addition, this is also good for people who want to reduce some weight or maintain good diet as it also has low calorie. Even more complete, oats are also healthy source to provide fiber for our body.

Less Possibility and Prevention for Cardiovascular Diseases

When I saw every oatmeal advertisement on TV, their marketing campaign had always been “Eat oats for the health of your heart” . Even at the present time, this is absolutely how they sell and promote their oatmeal products as eating oats regularly will help preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Some people could pass away suddenly from cardiovascular diseases like heart failure (based on personal experiences witnessing the surroundings). Eating oatmeal regularly especially for breakfast will ensure the healthy condition of your heart, which automatically means it could also help longer life.

Great Choice for Diabetes Patients and People Sensitive to Gluten

If we have high blood sugar level and want something to keep it stable, oats will give us what we want. This has been proven as better choice as its fiber will not rise our blood sugar level as much as white rice will. And for people who prefer to consume carbohydrate without gluten, this will provide them good option as it’s gluten free.

For preparation, I said earlier that I usually ate oatmeal with either skimmed milk or yogurt. However, for those sensitive also to dairy products, they can choose to add soy milk or fruits instead. It totally depends on our choice.

So now guys, let’s start healthy diet with oats for healthy lifestyle and healthy body 🙂

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