Paris I’m in Love – My Incredible Summer Holiday!

When I was little, I always wanted to visit France (uhm, I mean Paris). I had been in love with the city of of romance or the city of love for almost my entire life in Indonesia. The main thing that kept reminding me about this global city was the spectacular Eiffel Tower that the French have there.

The image of this famous tower is very well-known internationally, even in my country. So, I was excited when I got to visit Paris in Summer 2013. And for me, the summer there in August was totally perfect! There were clear sunny days with no more than 25° Celsius.

When my story started In Paris, I’ve learned that the city is so much more than only one outstanding Eiffel Tower …

The first place I came to in Paris was definitely Eiffel Tower as it was one of my holiday dreams. When I arrived at Eiffel, I directly went up with the elevator to see the stupendous view of Paris from the top.

Gorgeous view from the top of Eiffel
Gorgeous view from the top of Eiffel and the view of Seine River 

And few days after, as it is worth more than one time visit, I returned back in the night just to enjoy the wonderful Eiffel Tower with its light on, that looked absolutely stunning ….

Eiffel in the night
Eiffel in the evening…

After Eiffel, my next target was the famous Louvre Museum,  which I knew there are outstanding collections of art inside, including the famous Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting, The Monalisa (Finally I saw this painting, yes!!!)

At Louvre Museum
At Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum is one of the biggest museums worldwide and one of the most famous too as it has millions of visitors yearly, with more than 9 millions in 2012.

My journey surely didn’t stop only after Eiffel and Louvre; instead, my enthusiasm was increasing and I went to the other spectacular spots in Paris that I had prepared in my list, for example the great Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile or Arch of Triumph of the Star.

Arch of Triumph
Arch of Triumph

“I know right, great arch!”

And of course, remember to visit one of the most crowded public squares in Paris, The Place de la Concorde (The Square of Concorde). I think even my Yorkie Terrier BEI enjoyed his walk there (you can see from his enthusiastic face) 😀

BEI at Concorde Square
BEI at Concorde Square

Do you want another impressive place? Well, you MUST NEVER forget to visit the amazing Castle of Versailles, which has an extraordinary garden and park where you can have a walk peacefully to enjoy the elegant place.

At Castle of Versailles
At Castle of Versailles

For couples, there is also another romantic area after Eiffel Tower to visit,  the banks of Seine River, where there is Pont des Arts, a romantic pedestrian bridge. Why is it romantic?

Here, many couples who are in love have left numerous padlocks recognized as love locks. These love locks are written with their names on and then, couples can attach them to the bridge, it sounds sweet eh?

And not only romantic, the banks of Seine River has also been added to the world heritage list by UNESCO.

At the bridge where there are the love locks …

Overall, my first trip in Paris had been an exceptional summer holiday and I wish I’d come back there again soon …

But for the moment,

Au Revoir Paris, I’ll be back …. 🙂

Moulin Rouge
Moulin Rouge

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