The White Snow Has Come to Italy This Winter!

Italy’s snowing better this Winter. As a real lover of cold weather, I honestly don’t enjoy the heat in Summer. I know it’s actually weird because I was born as an Indonesian, which means I had lived for more than a quarter of century in Indonesia where Summer takes place for the entire year.

          And then when I moved to Italy, I hadn’t got too much trouble adapting to the cold Winter as I remember clearly in January 2012 (the first six months I lived in Italy), the weather was really cold for Italian Winter.

Snow in The Province of Milan, Italy

          Last year in Italy, the snow didn’t really come. I remember it happened only once at the end of November 2013 and that was it. And this year, the snow falls more normally as what has happened for the last two days in the Province of Milan and many parts of Italy.

           I realize that during snowy days, I have to be more careful when walking on the streets with full of snow as it’s slippery and dangerous. However, I still couldn’t avoid the excited feeling of having the white snow in Winter. And you know, even my Yorkie Terrier BEI loves the snow 😀

BEI's enjoying the snow ...
BEI’s enjoying the snow …

I was worried that he would have felt too cold if he had to walk with his paws on the snow. However, it seemed my worry hadn’t been proven as he clearly enjoyed the snow and surprisingly, he didn’t want to return home soon unless I took him in my arms.

I used to read that small dogs would suffer from the cold weather and prefer to stay warm inside the house. Well, that’s not a problem with BEI, as he seems to follow my preference for favorite weather. Or, to speculate, it could be also for the fact he was English Descent, a Yorkie Terrier.

What about you guys, do you enjoy the beautiful snow when it comes? I absolutely do 😀

– Cheers from me and woof woof from BEI –

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