My Quick but Unforgettable Visit in Vienna, The Imperial City of Austria

Right before my Master’s Degree graduation, I had the opportunity to make a short trip to the Imperial City in Austria, Vienna. I honestly only went for a 2-day trip but I really found the city as one of the most beautiful European cities I’ve ever come to (no matter maybe I haven’t visited all European cities).

But I’m not sure I’m wrong about it being one of the most beautiful European Cities as even UNESCO approves that 😀 The historic center of Vienna has been inscribed as one of the world heritage sites since 2001.

The side of Vienna Cathedral
The side of Vienna Cathedral

First, Vienna has its outstanding Gothic styled Cathedral, the St. Stephen Cathedral where there are a lot of people passing and coming from many parts of the world. It also has horse-drawn carriage along the road (I love it because to me it looks “imperial”) as you can see on the picture above. If this gorgeous Cathedral hasn’t amazed you yet, Vienna has also its city park where you can enjoy beautiful flowers and green area.

At Vienna City Park

After Vienna offers you its green green grass at the City Park, you can also see so many outstanding buildings, like for example The Hofburg Palace, which is the former imperial palace in the center of the city. This beautiful building was built in the 13th century and the President of Austria lives and works here. Amazing, isn’t it?

Hofburg Palace
Hofburg Palace

From the point of buying cute souvenirs, Austria also has the area where you can buy unique looking souvenirs (well, for me they’re pretty). What do you think? They could be ordinary for the Austrians, but not for me as a foreigner 😀


Overall, no matter I had been there only for two days, Vienna has impressed me so much that I always feel the huge will to return back there, just to stay more a bit and to enjoy calmly the city parts. Acquiring the nickname Imperial City is not for nothing. The nickname totally represents what the city has inside, and I second that.

Selfie first!

See you again Vienna! (Hopefully soon)

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