“Must Visit” Places When You Come to Singapore

Many people consider Singapore as only a city country where you can do a lot of shopping and nothing else. People think that visiting Singapore can be finished in three days. Well sure, if you want to do a military camp from 6 a.m. to midnight without relaxing and enjoying calmly, it can be finished in three days. Or, if you just want to go shopping at the malls, you can finish the tour in three days. Many still believe that Singapore only has malls for its tourist attractions, which is completely WRONG.

Now let me tell you the top things that you MUST NOT skip if you plan to visit this small city country. Let’s see!

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Garden
Singapore Botanic Gardens

           This must be one of the biggest gardens in the world with free entrance but without any charge. This is a favorite place to come for relax. The garden is not only huge in size but it also opens for public almost the whole day, from 7 a.m. in the morning until midnight.

                  It houses great collections of trees, plants and many flowers inside with detailed explanation for each. In addition, inside the Botanic Gardens, you can also visit its special segment, The Orchid Garden.

Chinese & Japanese Garden

Chinese Garden2
Chinese Garden

      Located at almost the end of the subway’s green line, this place provides you amazing structure and architecture. Inside, you can enjoy both The Chinese version and Japanese version. You can also see beautiful temples you can enter and go up to see the view from the top. To go to the top, you can do it with the stairs.

Japanese Garden
Japanese Garden

               In addition, you can also visit the Turtle Museum that houses alive turtles from any types, herbivores to carnivores and small to big ones. The biggest and the oldest turtle there is put in separated pond where people can throw coins and pray as according to many, turtles bring luck (and even many of them live longer than humans).

 Singapore Zoo

Here you can visit many types of animals that are taken care very well and protected by good hands. You can see and photograph white tigers, zebra, crocodiles and even penguins.


Gardens by the Bay

Oh, you will really love this place. This is a giant glass house that has a great collection of plants and flowers. However, just to inform, it requires you to buy the tickets to enter the place, which are not really cheap. Nevertheless, the entrance is worth it.

Gardens by the Bay
Gardens by the Bay

Haw Par Villa

I had never visited this Villa in Singapore until my last visit in 2012. This is a very good place for the Buddhists and also other people who are interested in Buddhism teachings. You can enter and see many legendary stories (like Monkey King) and lessons about Buddhism. They even have the special section where you can get into a cave in which there are the 10 levels of hell in Buddhism, completed with the statues showing the punishments. And it’s free of charge.

HawPar Villa
in Haw Par Villa

Jurong Bird Park

If you love bird, this is the right attraction for you. As it is called a Bird Park, it houses so many types of birds from small to big and even the colorful ones.

in Jurong Bird Park
in Jurong Bird Park

Fort Canning Park

It is a park that’s located at upper location around 60 meters from the ground and its name derives from a man named Lord Canning. This is an old park that was created in the beginning of 19th century and inside you can see many historical and cultural areas.

Fort Canning Park – named after Lord Canning

Not only for educational purposes, this park is also used for recreational activities, and even many couple do their wedding photographs here.

Marina Bay

Quite well-known as the casino place, Marina Bay also allows you to see one of the Merlion Statues of Singapore here and relax at its bayside .

Merlion and Marina Bay
Merlion at Marina Bay

Sentosa Island

This is the famous “beach look” attraction in Singapore where you can also see the bigger statue of Merlion.  This is an island where usually many families come to do recreational activities with their kids.

Sentosa merlion
Sentosa merlion

East Coast Beach

Last but not least, it’s the beach at East Coast. Many people may not know this place but this is a real beach area where you can also do your sunbathing activity. During sunny days, you can enjoy the clear blue sky and just sit at the beach or play with the sands.

At East Coast during sunny day with clear blue sky
At East Coast during sunny day with clear blue sky

I know I haven’t put too much information for each place, but I’ll write more about each in the future as they’re all precious to me. And surely, the writings will be based on personal visits 😉

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