“With Love from Verona” – A Very Special Romantic City

I still remember my first year in Italy as it was the adaptation year with a new country, new university and surely, new language. It was quite a hectic period and I thought that running away from the province where I’m staying (Milan) for refreshment would really be good, even if it was only for a day or two.

The great chance arrived when one of my ex-classmates from Indonesia wanted to visit Europe in the Spring of 2012. Luckily, her destinations included Italy. So I was invited to accompany her to travel around a bit. Verona was one of our choices. And we never regret.

Juliet's House - open for public
Juliet’s House – open for public

It’s the city where you’d feel the romance and where you can find the hometown of the famous Romeo and Juliet story. Well you know, the legend about a couple who couldn’t stay together because their parents were enemies and both of them eventually committed suicide – at least this is from what I’ve known about it :p

In Verona, you can visit the Casa Giulietta, the house mentioned to be the one where Juliet used to live. And even, there is the museum where you also can see the tomb that was used for her (as the story goes) – La Tomba di Giulietta.

Arena di Verona
Arena di Verona

But to be fair, Verona is not only all about Romeo and Juliet as it also has other interesting sites to see. For example, the Arena di Verona, which is an outstanding Roman Amphitheater that was built in the beginning of 1st century. Until the present days, the theater is still used for performing opera.

And besides, Verona also has its riverside where you can see a spectacular view. The river I’m referring to is The Adige River, which source comes from The Province of Alpine near the border of Italy with Austria and Switzerland.

To complete, certainly this city also has acknowledgement from UNESCO and it’s inscribed as one of the world heritage sites. The acknowledgement is given for the fact that Verona has incredible structure and architecture inside the city.


So, are you interested in coming to the city where the legendary story of Romeo and Juliet started? It’s waiting for you to come for a visit 😉

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