My Journey in Rome, The Eternal City in Italy

human liberty statue
Human Liberty Statue 🙂

Rome might be the most wanted destination for all Catholic Christian believers as the Vatican city and The Church of St. Peter are located here. People also call it the eternal city. It’s a very ancient European city as it was found around 750 BC.
I got the opportunity to visit it when I had to go to my embassy for administrative things. Well, but even if that was my main purpose, I didn’t forget to take the chance to wander around and see its beauty as one of the most important Italian cities and one of the most important global cities worldwide.
Trevi Fountain
Yeah, you can NEVER skip this when you come to Rome! It’s the most visited area in Rome (other than the Vatican City) as there you can throw your coins and expect that you’d come back to Rome in the future.

It’s like Milan that has the part inside their Gallery of Victor Emmanuel II where people can turn around three times on one foot to expect coming back to Milan in the future (it sounds stupid and funny but that’s the saying).
So anyway, if you’re in love with Rome and want to return, make sure you do this! (just in case haha). Well, sure it sounds like a “legend” but it also seems fun and promising to do. Fontana di Trevi
The Square of Spain (Piazza di Spagna)
My first impression was it was full of flowers sellers. Usually these individuals sell red rose and will just shove it to your hand (as if it was a gift) if you come in two (man and woman).

In return, they will ask a euro or two. If you think this is romantic, do it for your lady! But, if you don’t like it, DON’T accept it when they give it to your hand.
On the bright side, Piazza di Spagna is still a great public square where there’s the wonderful church of the Santissima Trinità dei Monti. And well, it’s a great square to take pics too!

piazza spagna - la chiesa di trinita dei monti
piazza spagna – la chiesa di trinita dei monti

St. Peter Square (Vatican City)
This is one of the main reasons why Christian tourists prefer Rome, as they absolutely want to visit the most magical church of Catholic, St. Peter. And who can deny it? Even if I’m not Catholic, I feel it’s a MUST to come to it if we’re in Rome.
Not only the interior design is amazing, in the area there is also the Vatican Museum where you can see a lot of interesting collections! And they really are. You should visit them to know how precious they are.

And, there is also Sistine Chapel, Pope’s official residence where there are guards outside 😀 (open for public ONLY with RESERVATION).

Pope’s Residence Guards – Cute costume isn’t it?

But still, I assure you that this place is NOT ONLY for the Christians but also for the people who love art, design, architecture and of course, history!
The downside of my journey was that I hadn’t got the chance to visit Colosseum  (Flavian Amphitheater), the outstanding work of Roman architecture.

Nevertheless, it was a very memorable visit …

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