Sirmione – The Heart, Pearl and Beauty of Lake Garda

As Como has Bellagio, Lake Garda also owns Sirmione. It is widely known as the pearl and beauty of Lake Garda, located between The Province of Brescia (Desenzano del Garda) in Lombardy Region and The Province of Verona (Peschiera del Garda) in Veneto Region.

Scaglier Castle (Sirmione)
Scaliger Castle (Sirmione)

To reach the center of Sirmione, you can take a short bus trip for about ten to fifteen minutes from the railway station of Desenzano del Garda.

If you ever have a plan to visit the beautiful Lake Garda, I suggest you not to skip Sirmione. And I will tell you why not 🙂

First it has amazing historical landmarks all around the place…

Scaliger Castle

This is the first you’d see when you step down from the bus (the first I saw too when I went there in June 2012). The name originally derives from the family who was the lord of The Province of Verona, Scaliger Family.

It is a historical castle which construction was started in the 13th century. In the past, it was used as a defense from enemies. However, now it is the location of a museum where there are collections of Roman arts, medieval artifacts and other history. And even better, when you go to the top of the castle, you can enjoy the gorgeous view of the entire Lake Garda.

And of course, the great castle is open for public entrance 🙂

Scaliger Castle 2 (Sirmione)
Scaliger Castle (Sirmione)

Grottoes of Catullus

Now this is another real attraction for history lovers. It used to be a Roman Villa in the past. Now, the name is assigned for the remains of the villa as Grotto refers to collapsed walls and Catullus refers to the poet who used to live there.

But, it was mentioned that actually the poet passed away before the Villa was even built in the middle of 2nd century as he died Before Christ era (BC).

This is considered as the best example and the most outstanding Roman building found in North Italy. And the great news is that the public can enter and view it.

UNESCO’s World Heritage Site – The Prehistoric Settlement at Lugana Vecchia (Old Lugana)

In addition, Sirmione also has the part included as prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps. This is a very significant prehistoric memory from 5000 to 500 BC. It’s also known as stilt house and it’s located at the borders of any wetland such as rivers or lakes.

          And  from 2011, UNESCO has listed more than a hundred of them as protected world heritage sites, with the one in Sirmione as one of the sites.

ducks and swan in Sirmione
ducks and swan in Sirmione

             Other than significant historical and prehistoric sites, Sirmione also offers you relaxing leisure activity around its beautiful lake. During sunny days, people can always visit to enjoy sunbathing activity.

         The lake looks like or is almost similar to beach, making many visitors come to enjoy it during the end of Spring and Summer as the view is absolutely stunning. Everything just looks blue and breathtaking.

        Moreover, around the lake, there are usually lovely animals that wander around as this (lake) is where their natural habitat is, including ducks and swans.

So this is my story. Good memories about my visit there just make me think that it’s a must for me to go there again to relax and explore once more its significant history. What about you 🙂

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