Get Ready to Meet Magical Indonesian Herbal Drink, Sambiloto

I still remember what my classmate told me when she informed me about this drink, “The color looks like sewer water after you boil it and the taste will kill your expression for a while”. But, after having scared me, she told me not to worry as I’d also feel the magical benefits after drinking it for some period. And I did get the benefits.

Fresh Boiled Sambiloto Herbal Drink
Fresh Boiled Sambiloto Herbal Drink

I drank this for the first time 10 years ago when I really had bad acne problem on my face and the horrible marks left by it on my face.

When there’s a phrase about “her face is beautiful like a moon”, that was me in the literal meaning of moon surface unfortunately, not the beautiful and metaphorical meaning of moon :p

So that was how I dared to drink this “killing” herbal drink. It tastes very bitter and well, even many Indonesians don’t like it. Usually they also drink it for its benefits, not for its flavor.

But if you think that removing acne and its remains are the only health benefits of this Sambiloto then you’re wrong as you’ll be amazed of how this “crazy drink” could protect your health.

Other than the “beauty” benefit, Sambiloto also helps:

  1. To cure diabetes  and lowering your blood sugar level
  2. To heal diarrhea problem
  3. To reduce high blood pressure
  4. To heal people with fever
  5. To cure malaria and dengue fever
  6. To cure headache, toothache and mouth plus ear infection
  7. To prevent cancer cells from growing or worsening
  8. To kill bacteria and viruses inside the body
  9. To improve your body stamina and heal typhus
  10. To cure rashes and itches on the skin (maybe this is how it could also cure acne)

Other than these, researchers have found other health benefits from drinking this bitter drink. Until now I have been drinking it in quite regular frequency since 2005, maybe in exchange with some other Indonesian herbal drinks. And yes, I even always bring Sambiloto dry leaves from Indonesia whenever I return back to my home country just for my supply in Italy (as I also did the last time I returned in September 2014).

It’s easy to find numerous health benefits of Sambiloto. But, it takes courage and sacrifice to drink it regularly as it’s absolutely not tasty at all 😀

P.S. To prepare the drink is actually pretty easy as it is enough to wash the leaves and then boil it with water.

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