The Old Mantua – Hidden Beauty in Lombardy, Italy

File:Mantova - Profilo di Mantova.jpg
Image is taken from Wikipedia (Mantua)

The gorgeous view above is the old city Mantua located in Lombardy, Italy. Lots of people recognize famous places in Lombardy such as Como Lake and Bellagio for wonderful lakes and possibly Bergamo and Brescia as great old cities in Lombardy.

However, this old city Mantua must also be well-known and become one of the places to visit in Lombardy for what it has in the city. From 2007, it has been inscribed as one of the UNESCO’s world heritage sites with its near city, Sabbioneta.

(Yeah, I know! I must be one of the craziest UNESCO’s sites’ fans 😀 )

Photo’s Copyright of Wikipedia (Sordello Square)

Mantua has historical places in the city for the cultural visit lovers. Let’s say the Sordello Square as the one seen on the image above. Or, there is also the gigantic castle, The Castle of St. George (Mantua).

Castello di San Giorgio

They said that The Castle of St. George had been one of the buildings that belonged to the residence of Gonzaga Family in the past. The buildings also included some other parts such as courtyards and gardens that made up the Ducal Palace (Palazzo Ducale).

Me in front of the Ducal Palace Square in 2012

Mantua also has the lovely lake in the city, which is actually an artificial lake. It consists of three parts: Lago Superiore (Upper Lake), Lago di Mezzo (Middle Lake) and Lago Inferiore (Lower Lake).

The Lake in Mantua, close to the Castle of St. George

Furthermore, in The Old City Mantua, there is also a very interesting museum to visit in Palazzo Te that is also surrounded by big green park around it. The Palace itself was built long time ago during the 16th century.

The Big Green Garden around Palazzo Te

Palazzo Te was the summer residential villa of Frederick II from Gonzaga Family. However, now it is the location of a Museum (Museo Civico), which is inside Te Palace (Palazzo Te). This museum houses the collection of Mesopotamian Arts.

Interior Part of Mantua Cathedral

And surely, without doubt, every city of Italy has its own main church, The Duomo or Cathedral. Mantua is absolutely without exception as it also has its main cathedral with great interior design and structure inside.

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