Florence – The Symbol of Renaissance and Art

Florence from the Top

Florence or Firenze may have been one of the most famous cities not only in Italy but also in the world. Being visited by uncountable tourists every year and during the whole year, it has really proven its fame for its beauty, significance and history. The entire historic centre of Florence has been fully protected by UNESCO since December 1982.

If you adore beautiful and historical arts, this should be the city you visit in your life. It has various museums that house amazing paintings and arts collection that you may have been dying to see all your life.

La Santa Croce
La Santa Croce

Let’s say the great museum of Galleria degli UffiziGallery of the Academy of Florence where David Statue is located and the wonderful church or museum Santa Croce where you can also see historical tombs, such as Galileo Galilei.

Not only visiting important museums where a lot of crucial arts and paintings are located, going to the upper part of Florence is also wonderful as when you reach the top, you can see the whole view of this city, as the first image you can see above.

The visit to every Italian city will also be completed by seeing its main church or Duomo (Cathedral). Duomo of Firenze or Florence Cathedral was built in Gothic style and named Santa Maria del Fiore. The construction of this main church was done between the 13th to 15th century and when you search the images of Florence in search engines, you’ll notice it as one of the main noticed areas in the city.

Duomo di Firenze – Florence Cathedral under Shiny Summer

Florence, no matter it looks stunning in every season, in my opinion it’s better not to visit it during Winter or Summer as in Winter they say it is too cold while in Summer, based on my experience in August 2012, it is too hot as the temperature was between 35 to 40 celsius 😦

However, if you are hot season lovers or cold season lovers, no worry at all to visit the city based on your weather preference. Though I suggest, the best weather to enjoy any tourism activity might be Autumn or Spring, when it is neither too cold nor hot.

Furthermore, not only full of artistic buildings such as museums and churches, Florence is also a great place for a walk around its ponte vecchio or old bridge area, where a lot of tourists usually gather there to enjoy the view.

Ponte Vecchio
Ponte Vecchio

Visiting Florence was another memorable visit for me in Italy (not because it was too hot there and I can’t simply forget as I’m not a hot season lover lol). Back to topic, but it was because the city’s awesome to see and stay for few days just to enjoy one of the best artistic cities worldwide.

The view from the hotel window while enjoying breakfast

It has its important buildings and museums, churches, squares and natural views too such as the upper part where you can see the entire city and parks. At that time, I was lucky to have the chance to stay in the middle of its historic centre right next to Basilica San Lorenzo; so it is near to reach any place by foot.

As one of the most important European and Italian cities, Florence also has its cool nickname, “The Athens of Middle Ages”. Yearly, it has always been one of the most visited cities worldwide within the top 100 on the list. This amazing city in Italy is famously recognized for its art, architecture, history and beauty.

To visit Florence, they also have the promotion called Florence Card or Firenze Card or Carta di Firenze that costs €100 for three days. This magic card includes the visits to important museums in Florence and free ride on the tourists bus.

However, I didn’t try it as I preferred to have good walk and enjoy every inches of the city calmly 😀 But well, if you want to try, you can always ask there about how to get it at the tourist information office.

To get more info about Florence, you can have a look at  http://www.visitflorence.com/ or http://en.comune.fi.it/ for details in English.

Republic Square - piazza della repubblica
Republic Square – piazza della repubblica

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