Health Benefits of Mangosteen Tea (Made of Mangosteen Peel)

When I returned back to Indonesia just few months ago, my mom informed me about this new “trend” that’s hot in there these days and healthy to consume, the Mangosteen Tea. This is a very natural herbal tea or drink that is made of the peel of mangosteen. 

According to research, it has been found that the mangosteen tea made of its peel contains of uncountable health benefits that can change your life and make you want to drink it regularly. What are they?

Mangosteen Tea
Mangosteen Tea that I brought from Indonesia
  1. It can cure many diseases including cancers and provide anti-inflammatory source
  2. It improves the body stamina and maintains our health
  3. It is believed to reduce body weight, cure skin diseases and improves our natural beauty by preventing early aging (these are the main attractions for many women 😀 )
  4. It improves our digestion system and prevents DNA damages
  5. It reduces the blood sugar level and also cholesterol
  6. It helps healing rheumatic and uric acid diseases
  7. It also helps to cure the mouth diseases such as thrush and toothache plus sore throat
  8. It helps lowering high blood pressure
  9. It prevents any cardiovascular disease, which means it involves any disease related to heart and blood vessels
  10. It also helps curing shortness of breath and headache

Overall, this new trend  of drinking the herbal tea will help us even more in many ways to improve our health. I just start to consume it the last few days as I was finishing my other herbal drink from Indonesia :p

Mangosteen is a fruit that’s very common to eat in Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. It’s a great source of natural fiber, energy, carb, water and even protein. When the research about its peel was conducted and the health benefits were found, some Indonesians usually just boil the mangosteen peel and drink the water.

Some prefer to do that for two reasons: first is because it’s fresher directly from the fruit and has stronger taste; second is because the mangosteen tea costs quite a lot for Indonesian standard around €3 per 100 grams (the one I bought).

But for us who want healthy lifestyle and drink, either the tea or the water of the boiled mangosteen peel could be a great option to give a try 🙂

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  1. Denia Pannuman says:

    Mangosteen skin tea, for me its a great help…. Boost my immune system and orhers.


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