Lecco – Another Gorgeous Lake in Lombardy, Located at the Other End of Como

The Como Lake has been famous worldwide for its beauty as it has been recognized as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. However, the area around Como includes another gorgeous lake at the other end, Lecco. It may be a little bit smaller than Como Lake. However the beauty can’t be doubted and it’s also only around an hour train from Milan.

Lecco approaching sunset time in Winter

Winter Wonder

I have visited Lecco two times, the first was New Year 2012. During the winter, the beautiful quiet atmosphere was there to be enjoyed and felt.

It’s really good moment for us sometimes to avoid the crowded period as less people would visit it during cold weather, well, except people like me 🙂

Surely, waiting the sun to set at that time was perfect to capture its elegant look when the sun was setting and falling on the buildings, boat and mountains around the lake. It’s just admirable to me and lovely to see.

But surely, visiting it during another season could add another excitement to catch another feeling.

Splendid Spring

On a sunny day in May

Coming to the lake during Spring didn’t make it less delightful to me. On sunny day when the flowers were blooming and plants are growing well, its charming appearance is purely attractive and magical to be around.

And during warmer weather, more visitors would have more interest just to stay and enjoy the smell of the lake and plants around it. If we want to enjoy the company of other people as visitors, this is good period to go.

        So, never forget to visit this lake at least once to absorb its beauty if you ever come to Milan or Lombardy. Or, if we ever visit Como, visiting Lecco would make the journey complete to give satisfying “lake experience” 😀  

They both are “must visit” places for those who come to Lombardy Region, Italy and for those who love water destination like sea, beaches and lakes.

And for me, Lecco Lake is…

…checked and approved!

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