Indonesian Salad (Gado-Gado)

Salad recipe usually varies from one country to another. The main ingredients are mostly healthy vegetables and sometimes even seafood. The way to prepare the vegetables is also pretty simple, from either just washing the vegetables or boiling them (as some may prefer).

          Salad dressing could also vary from one to another. Some recipes use mayonnaise (the thick creamy sauce made of egg) for Russian Salad while others use blue cheese dressing. For the lighter recipes, we may also use olive oil (considered to be healthier) and vinegar that are called as vinaigrette (as usually found in Italian Salad).
 But this time, let me present you another type of “salad” from Indonesia

          Yes, Indonesia also has its salad recipe called Gado-Gado. People recognize this as the salad from Indonesia. It has particular dressing recipe in foreigners’ minds but common and obligatory in many Indonesian food recipes, the peanut sauce (like it is also used for Indonesian Chicken Satay).

          And just like other salad recipes, Indonesian gado-gado also uses many healthy green veggies in the dish such as kangkung, string bean, spinach and some others like fresh cucumbers. Furthermore, it also adds boiled tempeh (soy product) and tofu too inside plus bean sprouts, a boiled egg and boiled potatoes.

         In international world, as I mentioned earlier this dish is famous as salad from Indonesia. However, to add, as Indonesia doesn’t have “appetizer style”, this is eaten as main dish or side dish that accompanies plain white rice or Indonesian sticky rice (lontong).

         Moreover, to complete the gado-gado, some will also add crunchy crisps too as the one in the pic. However, if you may prefer healthier, you can skip the crisps as they’re fried 🙂 And of course, it can also be completed with Indonesian Chili for spicy food lovers, that is usually mixed into spicy peanut sauce (but it’s not a must for those who don’t like spicy food).

           Indonesia actually has other recipes for salad with peanut sauce like karedok, ketoprak, asinan and pecel. But at the end, this one remains my most favourite, well along with Ketoprak 😀

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