My Big Three O and Christmas 2014

Egg Tart for My Big Three O

Christmas is really one of the most magical moments around our loved ones like family, relatives and friends. For me Christmas is even more special as it happens that my Birthday is on this day.

And in this 2014, I hit the button “Thirty”. For some, it means we’re starting to get older and older. But well, I’ll take the bright side that now I could say that I’m a glass half full 😀 (Staying positive and thankful is the best thing you could be).

For this birthday, I ate the egg tart brought by my friends in Italy for me and I’m grateful for the initiative they had as I may haven’t got my big three o cake without them as on Christmas everything was closed in Italy and they had the idea to bring this on Dec 27 when I invited them to come over. So Thanks again!

My Big Three O and Xmas Gifts

Three Consecutive Days of Celebration

This Christmas 2014, I had the chance to celebrate Christmas for three consecutive days from Dec 25 to Dec 27, also for my birthday that means.

Happy Holidays from our Family

During Xmas in Italy, it’s always lovely to spend the day with Italian family to see how the Christmas is done here. It was really joyful. At this moment, I received warm hospitality and Italian Christmas celebration with my Italian family and I loved it.

We had amazing big Christmas lunch that is always accompanied with the Italian Christmas cake, Pandoro and Panettone (I think I wrote about them before). These two types of Christmas cakes are typical and traditional Italian Christmas culture every year. They just can’t be skipped! 🙂

So there how went my Christmas 2014 and my big three O as well. I really hope it went awesome for you all too.

Now, I just can’t wait to see how the year of 2015 will roll for me, not sure to make any new year’s resolution, could be good to make, but I always remember, as John Lennon had ever said in one of his quotes,


        And I have absolutely found how true it is from my past experiences. What I can do is just to make sure, “living life the fullest and that time is money”

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