Japan – A Special Trip in My Heart

1918036_197206122909_7947845_n            As we are now almost at the end of 2014, I start to remember about one of my memorable trips 5 years ago to Japan in December 2009. The journey was actually a religious trip but of course, at the same time, I also experienced the good holiday in the country of Sushi.

Japan remains special in my heart, no matter I’ve been there only once, no matter I was there only for a week. There are quite unique experiences that I had while I was there.

Dining table

1918036_197077587909_6862169_n             Unlike many other countries where the dining tables are usually high and we must sit on chairs to be able to eat; in Japan, maybe as well as in Korea, the dining tables are short and you just simply sit on the floor covered with Japanese mat called Tatami.

At this short dining table, you can enjoy the food with your family or with other people in certain events. The one I experienced in this image was during my meal time in the temple with other people.

Some Japanese dining tables would even have the heater along with the table where usually the Japanese would sit or eat with warm legs and feet as they sit on Tatami floor near the heater. These tables are called the heater tables. Unique, aren’t they?

Futon Bed

Futon mattress placed on Tatami Floor

Furthermore, The Japanese also have their special bed unique from other countries. The bed type is called Futon. This bed is special Japanese bedding style that will allow the house owner to pack during the day and unpack during the night for sleeping.

This way, the house owner are able to use the room not only for bedroom but also for other purposes. By using this bedding style, house owner are also able to provide more space in the room when the bed is not needed.

Futon bedding style usually consists of mattress composed of wool and cotton that will warm the people who sleep on it. Additionally, the Futon bedding style also completes the mattress with thick quilted bed cover. This special Japanese bedding style is made to be placed on the Tatami floor.

And trust me guys, no matter it is on the floor, my sleeping experience was very warm and comfortable! 🙂

          Actually there are some other uniqueness I found in Japan that have left special feeling to me; the way they produce their tea, the way they prepare their food, the beutiful countryside view near the mountain where my temples are located and many more.

         I simply can’t wait to return back there for another opportunity anytime soon. And I personally hope when I will return for holiday the next time or another religious trip purposes, I could experience the other beauties of cultural diversity in Japan. Or maybe, I would luckily return during the Spring, where the beautiful Sakura flowers blossom.

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