Sanssouci Park in Potsdam, Germany

Castle 1            This gigantic park with its elegant castles is located in Potsdam, Germany. The city is near to Berlin City centre, which is around 24 Km and can be reached easily with the Berlin transport called S-Bahn area C to Potsdam city.

The S-Bahn is the railway service included in U-Bahn (underground subway service) card. The public transport in Berlin includes three areas from A to C and if you want to visit Sanssouci, you will have to pay for the area C too. The journey takes only around 30 minutes train to reach the city of Potsdam from Berlin centre.

I visited Sanssouci twice as the area is very large and too beautiful to enjoy peacefully and satisfyingly in one day. castle 2The total walk around the park and castles are around 2.5 Km where there is huge green area that you can enjoy freshly. And for me, this park has an added value to me as a dog owner. Why?

This park, no matter it is as gorgeous and as elegant as the Versailles Castle in Paris, it allows dogs to enter and walk around its area outside the buildings and castles, which I unfortunately couldn’t experience the same with the garden or park area around or outside Versailles. I visited Berlin and Sanssouci in summer and the weather was great with beautiful sunny day that is not too hot as in Italy as Berlin or Germany is practically in the upper part of Europe compared to Italy and Spain, or even France.

again the beauty          The Sanssouci Park has been declared as one of the world heritage sites of UNESCO since 1990. The park and its castles were actually the summer palace of the King of Prussia, Frederick the Great.

This is really the perfect place to relax and enjoy as its name Sanssouci actually means “no concerns” or “carefree” from its French phrase, Sans Souci. If you are travelling to Berlin, make sure that you also visit this place. If you don’t bring any dogs, you can enter the castles with ticket purchase.

But, even if you’re a dog owner, you can still enjoy the elegance of the site from its outside part and its park for free with your dog as entering the site area is not charged at all.

Chinese Tea House

The whole Sanssouci area include three castles and some other beautiful buildings to enjoy and memorize, as the unique Chinese tea house in this image.          For sure, the Sanssouci site is not a place to miss if you’re planning a trip to Berlin, Germany as it’s not too far from the city. And personally for me, I had no problem doing that as I’m used to daily commuting travel in Italy.             Even in my original hometown in my home country had even been worse like two hours of going and returning might be needed daily to travel in one city for the non-stop terrifying traffic jam.         But well, that’s my story. Back to the topic, my point is, don’t hesitate to take ur time to spend a great day at Sanssouci when you are having a holiday in Berlin, Germany haha 😀

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