Green Vegetarian Lasagna – Lasagna Verde Vegetale

lasagna vegetale
A small piece of green vegetarian lasagna with tomato sauce

I once wrote about the other two types of Lasagna earlier, about the Salmon and Spinach plus the original recipe with beef ragu.

But it seems, there is another type for the vegetarians and it uses non-meat ingredients specializing in vegetables. If you love lasagna but you don’t want to eat meat, this could be the right choice to go with, the vegetarian version.

I tasted this one at an Italian wedding and it tastes as great as the other two lasagna types. Actually, from all the three types I ever wrote, my favourites are the one with spinach and salmon plus this one. I’m not saying the original recipe sucks, only I prefer the lighter meat source or non-meat at all.

For me if you love vegetables and you love Italian pasta as I do, you don’t have to be vegetarian to love this one as the Italian recipes work their magic on the final result. And if you love to cook lasagna by yourself, there are various recipes online about how to make this green vegetarian lasagna on your own.

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