The Stunning Antiquity of Milan during Autumn

Pic taken at the end of Torino Street in Milan

The long history and the long age of Italy are certainly undoubted. Started long before Christ Era, the country keeps great history in it when you explore.

One of its big cities is Milan, which is also known as one of the international and multicultural cities in the world Furthermore, it also has its own beautiful stories and old buildings around.

It’s not unusual to see diverse people from different origins in the city. Furthermore, it’s also the heart of Fashion in Europe and worldwide, along with Paris and New York.

Uncountable old buildings and the remains of history are maintained in the city as we can see from the beautiful documentations I luckily captured fresh today. It’s not something new to find historical buildings or churches in every few meters. And it’s wonderful as people would also come and stay around to enjoy the beauty of remaining history parts.

rsz_dsc00368          During Autumn, I believe the beauty of the antiquity of Milan parts all over the city have grown stronger and better as the “melancholic” season strengthens its charisma, atmosphere and story of its past.

Today was without complete sun and it was cloudy all day until the dark came. However, during the days when the sun appears in seasons like Autumn or Winter at the time when the sun is about to set, you can even feel more of its beauty when the fading sunlight falls over the gorgeous buildings.

If you are a big fan of these fresh or cold seasons as I am, you probably would enjoy this feeling of Autumn or Winter and just go around to have a walk to enjoy the different atmosphere when you see old buildings printed in history that seem to express unique sensation that isn’t the same when we see them during the bright and colourful seasons such as Spring or Summer 🙂

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