Flammkuchen – Flame Cake – Pizza in German Style

IMG_750562462816799           This is one of the German food I tasted when I was in Berlin for Summer holiday. I used to hear that the German had mostly the wurstel or sausage as their favourite food but I found out that was just negative stereotyping.

And it’s not true as they also have for example this dish that most people will see as the German Style of Pizza since it looks like Italian Pizza in rectangular form.

They call it Flammkuchen in German and we can call it Flame Cake in English. It comes from Alsace, which is located between France’s Eastern border and the upper Rhine Close to Germany and Switzerland. For the dish, they have various recipes including the flame cakes made of mushrooms or those made of cheese such as gruyère cheese or munster cheese. They even have the sweet recipe that includes apple, cinamon and sweet liquor.

I honestly adore this dish, no matter some people may prefer the Italian Pizza, but I still love the taste as for me this is a different dish with different name from different country. And no matter I haven’t tasted it in its original place as I ate it in Berlin, it still tastes great.

I honestly wouldn’t mind eating it again 😉

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