How Social Media and Internet Addiction Are Perfectly Okay in almost 2015

Social Media Icons, pic was taken from
Social Media Icons, pic was taken from

I know the title sounds absolutely cheesy but hey, we’re now living in the modern era of technology where lots of things are done online, and I’m pretty sure that the internet stuffs will keep growing in both numbers and interests within the next years. I mean, almost everything are communicated online, informed online and even more businesses have gone online such as online shops or online customer services to chat with. But how did I get here?

It All Started Seven Years Ago…

I still remember that in early 2008 when the internet and web technologies were starting to grow big, I found a job as a Technical Writer and Copywriter of a web hosting company that was outsourcing for the US web hosting provider. At that time, I had no idea about many web technologies or computer programs. I was just a fresh graduate of English Linguistics student who simply knew much about English and maybe, Travel and Tourism Management as I studied it too for my specialization. But I got the job, I remember they convinced me with this,

“As we are working in international environment outsourcing for the US and that you’ll be our English Copywriter, it’s better to teach someone about technologies instead of teaching someone how to write in advanced English Grammar”

             I was in and “I’m still in” until now about the ideas. After that, I was given a probation period. They gave me a free web hosting package for me to start my own domain with my own website. What did they expect? They simply wanted me to learn and improve based on real practice. Not too bad! I got a free domain and there was a sitebuilder anyway to help me develop my site.

          As my job tasks at that time included also the whole web communication strategies including SEO Copywriting, the achievement they wanted me to get in three months was to grow my website’s traffic and visibility as much as I could. For them, this was how I would show that I could be a great web communication specialist. So that’s when I started to be the Copywriter of the company, or well, honestly the Ghost Writer as I had my English stage name 🙂

         I was a bit stressed surely. Coming from non-technological background in university, I thought hard about how I could manage this. But well, I knew pretty much that as long as I had big interest in the field, I’m pretty much an excellent fast-learner. And that’s when I started to enter and adore the whole world of web communication, including Social Media and Link building strategies. (Well, I even decided to pursue my Master’s Degree in Communication or anything related to it, which I did)

         Back to 2008, they even suggested me to make a trial of “Facebook Fan Page” for my pets at that time (along with the company’s fan page), which were hamsters, to see how well I could grow that fan page as Facebook was still in growing period in 2008 (not like now when they’re like one of the best web marketing tools around). After three months of my probation period, they concluded I was great for the job from the results of my own website’s visibility.

          My website hit thousands of organic traffic views in three months in early 2008 and I didn’t even believe that I would have reached that. But now it’s no longer available as it was full of silly things hahaha and I decided not to continue it. My fan page for the hamsters, that should have been only trial but in the end I did it with my whole heart 😉 , had reached the 2000 fans only in two years between 2008 and 2010 (that’s not too bad, is it for Facebook around 5 years ago?). Though I have stopped updating it from 2011 as my hamsters died and I was about to  move to Italy so I couldn’t adopt more hamsters. Now it’s around almost 2300 fans on Facebook, no matter I never update it 😦

           During my working experience in the web hosting company, I noticed how important it was even during that period, to market well our business online as that’s the place where any communication and information could be reached within seconds with the right writing, tags and keywords. On internet, everything can be seen as soon as possible and people can interact fast with anyone around the globe.

            Our business and network will grow on international scale IF we know how to communicate it with the right strategies online. Moreover, we can get our online image and public reputation plus respect with the right web communication strategies. During my working period as the Copywriter in the web hosting company, I remember that there were some official sites of web programs that quoted a phrase from one of my articles with my “name” (stage name) to market the web program better.

And that was only six to seven years ago…

          Now, in almost 2015, this kind of communication and marketing strategies don’t stop. In fact, they keep growing and the market on how to be a great web expert is always there and I suspect it will even be more on demand within few years from now as the technology development also keeps growing.

         Additionally, not only businesses and organization use social media and social bookmarking sites to promote themselves, but also schools and education use them well as a place to gain more information or to learn more. Take as an example the uncountable Facebook groups of students where they discuss education materials and exchange important information about the study.

         So YES, I totally believe that social media and internet addiction are perfectly okay in this modern era. Even better, they’re not only okay but more or less an obligatory, oh wait, let me put it in better phrase, it’s more or less how you could either get your network stuck or grown as everything is global now.

         And this is not a threat for us. Instead, it’s a HUGE opportunity for us to improve and develop well at very affordable costs 🙂 The question is, “Are we ready for it and willing to accept their ‘presence’ these days?”

         Well I think I’m more than ready as I love it (but no more stage name or ghost writing for me thanks lol once has been more than enough). So far, I’ve got like more than ten different social media and networking accounts that I’m deeply interested to grow. And surely, with my real profile 🙂 How about you?

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