Italian Cappuccino – Famous International Coffee

Cappuccino accompanied with particular sugar packages
Cappuccino accompanied with particular sugar packages

For most Italians, coffee has been daily life that can’t be skipped. In every city from small to big one, it’s always easy to find bar and café (coffeehouse) to drink coffee from morning to evening.

And the prices are relatively cheap and can make you come over and over again just to enjoy the tasty Italian coffee. In average, the bar and café sell espresso (the Italian thick black coffee) between €0.70 to 0.90 (cents) as they come in very small cup but with very strong taste. Many take espresso also after meal as the right and perfect closing to their dining time.

While the one in the picture is always my favourite. It’s famous around the globe. People may refer it to milk coffee. But its cool Italian name has been famous to recognize it as Cappuccino. It’s made of espresso and fresh milk and it’s usually taken in the morning for breakfast drink or at late afternoon. As breakfast, people would accompany it with croissant, either plain, filled with creme, or jam. The prices of cappuccino sold in the bar and coffeehouse are also very good, which usually have range from €1.20 to €1.40 while bigger portion or big cappuccino mostly costs between €1.60 to €2.10.

These are really good prices as usually worldwide famous brands like Starbucks for example sells their big cappuccino (which is usually at the portion of €3 to €5 in developed countries. Not only Starbucks, I notice that usually Italian famous cappuccino is always sold at higher prices than in its original country. Well, there’s nothing strange about it as it has well-known fame in the international world.

There is no doubt why it’s famous and remains a great choice either in Italy or in the world. Its special taste and espresso strong feeling will always have special space in people’s (coffee lovers) hearts, including myself. As I’m now living in its original country, drinking cappuccino has always become quite a routine for me.

And for you guys cappuccino lovers worldwide, when you ever step your feet in Italy, never forget to drink it til you get bored (that I doubt you will if you’re really cappuccino lovers) with its awesome prices here 🙂

* globally recommended *

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