Here Are Why You Should Drink Green Tea (Especially Japanese One)

Regarding the best tea worldwide, in my mind, nothing can compete with the Chinese and Japanese. According to my experiences, Chinese make the best black tea (Pu-Erh) and white tea while the Japanese are natural experts in producing their green tea.

Today, I want to focus on the green tea and share with you why drinking green tea should be a great option for healthy hot drink, especially in winter time like this with cold temperature. Well of course in my next sentences it will tell that it could be good also for any other weather time for hot drink lovers, tea lovers and healthy drink lovers. As we speak now, I’m sipping my green tea on my table 😉

Weight Loss, Fat Burner, and Cholesterol Reduction Helper

Interested in losing some weight or burning some fats? This could be a perfect choice to take. The benefits of green tea while it’s consumed when it’s still freshly hot (regularly) will help us to reduce some unwanted kilograms after some time as it’s proven to be able to eliminate the fat contents in our body step by step. This type of tea is effective to improve the metabolism system. Additionally, by drinking green tea, it will also help us to reduce cholesterol level in our body in natural and safe way.

Japanese healthy rice
Japanese healthy meal accompanied with Green Tea – Pic was taken in Tokyo

High Antioxidant Level

Next, it is also a great supply to provide natural antioxidants. And what’s the use of antioxidants? It’s widely known that antioxidants could help preventing the chance and risk for cancer. With the high content of antioxidants in green tea, automatically, it helps to reduce the possibility of suffering from cancer diseases.

Not only helping to prevent cancer, antioxidants are also known to help maintaining skin health as they provide the nutrition and vitamin that our skin needs. By consuming food and drinks with high antioxidants, we can keep our skin healthy or even repair the damaged skin.

Longevity and Energy Booster

With its numerous healthy benefits, drinking green tea will help us for longevity of our life as it also has its natural detoxing benefits for our body. Moreover, drinking green tea with its nutrients can provide us the energy we need to do our daily activities with great stamina.

According to my belief, the best time to drink green tea could be in the morning and late afternoon to relax and gain energy. However, when I was in Japan, they usually drink it all day long especially during meal time and especially during cold winter season as it also could help to warm the body.

So these are my thoughts about it. However…. Keep in our mind that when we prepare the green tea,

“Never put it in totally boiled water at 100 degrees. The perfect water temperature to prepare healthy green tea will be around 80 degrees”

If we prepare the green tea with totally boiled water, it’s believed that we would damage the catechins inside the green tea, which are the healthy nutrients in the green tea that provide the healthy benefits of the tea.

So now, I will continue sipping and finishing my green tea 😀 Are you ready to prepare a cup too?

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