Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree :D

Snapshot time at Milan Cathedral with its Gigantic Xmas Tree
Christmas Tree in front of Milan Cathedral

Christmas is coming soon in two weeks and decorating Christmas tree is always a Christmas tradition. To have a merry and joyful Christmas with the feeling of the Christmas athmosphere, it’s not uncommon to find Christmas trees around.

People have it in their houses and, not only inside the houses, the cities with majority of Christian believers will have some spaces in the city centres or in the squares to place and decorate their gigantic Christmas trees.

Take as an example the photo I just took today with myself and my little BEI. It’s beautiful and decorated very well with lights that lighten up the surrounding environment in the Cathedral square.

When there is some beautiful background, people just can’t resist to take some pictures of the place or with also themselves inside the pictures. Well of course I admit, that includes myself doing it. BEI didn’t look happy in the photo haha, but honestly, believe it or not, he hates taking pictures and always avoids looking at the camera anytime.

Milan Cathedral and its square is always crowded the whole year from the Milan citizens who pass daily and tourists who come to adore the church or just stay around the square to hang out and pose for photos. This must have been one of the most famous tourist attractions in Milan and even in Italy. With the Christmas tree around, more visitors will stop by and adore the gorgeous gigantic Christmas tree.

By stopping here, they can enjoy not only one attraction but also some others as the Milan Cathedral area include the big square with lots of cute pigeons around, the beautifully constructed church, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, and for shopping addicts, various and uncountable shops are located around the Cathedral and its square. And of course, during this time, that Christmas tree is one of its attractions around šŸ˜‰

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