Artigiano di Fiera in Milan (The Exhibition of Craftsman’s production – Handmade)

Italian Cheese – Tuscany

Every single year in early December, The Exhibition site in Milan, Rho-Fiera, always hosts the worldwide exhibition of the products made by Craftsman or handmade. The event usually takes place for ten days. The variety of products are uncountable; from food, drinks, bags, furniture, home decorations, etc. You can find almost everything here, coming from all parts of the world from many countries.

They usually host around 8 pavilions (Pavilion 1, 2, 3, 4 5, 6, 7, and 10) where various regions of Italy will be hosted from Pavilion one to five. Some of Pavilion five and pavilion seven host the European countries. The other parts of the world are located in Pavilion 6 and 10.

The opening hour is also very long, from morning until late evening at 10.30 p.m. There are toilets where you can do your “business” when you need them 🙂 And, whenever you’re hungry, you can always find the food stand or restaurants from various pavilions. If you’re tired but you don’t want to go home yet, you can always try to find available seats inside the building to refill some energy before exploring again the “world”.

My favourites in the exhibition, especially food, remain in the region of South Italy, especially Calabria and Sicilia. For spicy food lovers like me, Calabria might be one of the very few parts in Italy that could produce amazing chili production with great taste, for complement or for pasta (they said). While Sicilia, they are awesome in making street food like arancine (fried rice ball with fillers like mozzarella – my preference -) and pizza alta (thick pizza). And well, I also adore their dolci that is called Cannoli Siciliani. I always buy it yearly as they often offer good promotion, €10 for four cannoli.

But not only food, there are also various of beautiful handmade products with traditional and particular pattern of every country that we can buy if we adore something unique. When else can we get something from other countries when we don’t travel to the place? This event is the perfect occasion to get them without travel expense.

My favourite from the handmade products come from my own country, which is located in Pavilion 10,  called Batik. Batik is the traditional pattern originally from Indonesia, which has also been declared by UNESCO as the world heritage of Indonesia. With Batik pattern, you can make lots of things like wallet, bags, clothes, table clothes, dresses, statue, accessories etc.

Tomorrow Dec 8 is the last day of Artigiano 2014. I will surely not miss it as I still want to explore this “international feeling” before I have to wait for another year to see their amazing craftsmanship talents 🙂

The Beautiful Indonesian Batik Pattern

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