Indonesian Yellow Rice (Nasi Kuning – Risotto Giallo Indonesiano) – Turmeric Rice

indonesian food nasi tumpeng for celebration

Indonesia is a country full of tasty and delicious food. As an Asian country, a lot of rice dishes have become some of their best cuisines.

Take as an example the  yellow rice, that is usually made for “tumpengan” or in a party to celebrate something.

The Indonesian yellow rice, unlike the Italian yellow rice, is not made of Zafferano, the ingredient that the Italians use to cook their yellow rice, risotto giallo milanese.

On the other hand, the way to cook Indonesian yellow rice is done by using coconut milk or “santan” in Indonesian word and by using turmeric (extra healthy and natural spice) to make the yellow colour.

Turmeric is a natural ingredient which is also very healthy and is often made into turmeric traditional drink in Indonesia that has various benefits, from fertility to anti-cancer.

Back to the dish, the Indonesian yellow rice is usually accompanied with complementary or side dishes like chicken, egg, tempeh (Indonesian food made of soy) and crispy crackers. But of course, the variety of the side dishes depend on the taste of each person.

If you want to taste Indonesian famous cuisines, this would be one of the best choices to go for 🙂

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