Chinese Food – Roasted Duck

601989_10151425201362910_1049081504_nChinese food, lots of people love them; they are famous around the globe and it’s just one of the famous choices in Asian Food Market. In the picture you can see one of the Chinese food I can never be bored of, Roasted Duck.

I loved it when I lived in Indonesia, I love it when I travel to Singapore and I even love it when I go to the Chinese Restaurants in Milan, Italy. This must have been one of the most favourite dishes in Chinese Cuisines as everyone recognizes that Chinese people always love to eat duck mostly.

The Roasted Duck I ate above is the experience I got when I went to the Shanghai Restaurant in the centre of Milan, which is absolutely near to Duomo Milano (The Milan Cathedral). They offer various Chinese dishes and a lot of visitors, either the Tourists or Italian people who live in Milan, come to taste their Chinese food experience.

If you ever stay in Milan and you adore Chinese food, you may as well come and check if you like their food as I do. BUT, I honestly don’t intend for the Tourists as for me if I become a tourist in a country, the food I want to taste most should be the original food of the place. But that’s my personal opinion.

So, roasted duck anyone 🙂 ?

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