The Healthy Facts about Kiwi

kiwiThis is one of the most important fruits in my life. And I’m not even kidding. This small green fruit has helped my body a lot to function well. In fact, the main reason why I eat this fruit is for its great source of natural fiber that can help our digestive system. I usually eat this in the morning for breakfast, accompanied with a cup of yogurt or a glass of fresh milk. Besides, as a woman, I also love this fruit as it provides me with good source of Vitamin E. As we know, Vitamin E is necessary to maintain the health of our skin. Kiwi fruit in this case, helps to provide us this need and protect our skin from degeneration with its antioxidants. Furthermore, it’s great to replace our carb source (Smart Carb) for diet needs as it’s a fruit with low sugar level unlike some other fruits. So, it won’t add or keep fat in our body. And as it’s low in sugar level, this fruit is also a good option for the diabetic patients. These are the reasons why I adore this green fruits. Of course there are still other healthy reasons to consume Kiwi at least two fruits a day (the amount I consume it). But for me, these are the main facts why I can’t stop eating it for breakfast 🙂 What about you guys ? 😀

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