2.3 KM above the ground (Biella Experience at Mountain Camino)

Copia di Camino You can see the beautiful cloud and sky from the image. This experience came from my latest trip at Biella, located in the region of Piedmont, in Italy. The top of this amazing view could be seen from at Mountain Camino that is about 2.3 kilometres high above the ground.

Surely this was my first time on the top of the mountain. And I admit I didn’t climb by myself to the top. The transport was already prepared in the area, a cable transport called Cestovia in Italian word. The form is pretty small, only enough for two people standing or one person (enough space to sit if only one).

For those who have fear of heights, this is actually not a great idea. However, for those who love gorgeous view from the top and mountain hiking, this will be great journey to experience. At the top, we could not only enjoy the view.

Additionally, there is a cute cafe called Capanna Renata where people can enjoy homemade cookies or cakes and warm drinks while talking to very friendly owners.

For mountain lovers, this could be one great option to pass the day.

P.S. better to bring warm clothes as it’s very fresh and windy up there 🙂

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