Asian Food Paradise


As someone who was born in Asia (Indonesia) , surely Asian food are the natural food for me. In the picture you can find the image of Indonesian ketoprak, chicken satay, fried rice, and chicken soto. Plus I also added one of the most famous Japanese dishes, sushi.
From Chinese cuisines, I attach roasted duck and Hainan Rice.

Indonesian ketoprak is made of thin rice noodles, tofu, bean sprouts added with peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce. While Indonesian famous Chicken Satay is also added with sweet soy and peanut sauce.

Indonesian peanut sauce and the sweet soy sauce are two of the most important additional Indonesian sauces to add into the cuisines. Indonesians have so many cuisines that need these sauces (the peanut and sweet black soy sauce), especially famous Indonesian fried rice that also uses the sweet black soy sauce. But they are not there for nothing as they make the dishes tastier and special to be recognized as originally Indonesian.

These are the Asian food that I’d call, “Asian Food Paradise” 😉

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