Meeting and Seminar for Tourism

Meeting and Seminar about Tourism

Young Ambassadors

Meeting and Seminar at Eupolis Lombardia Meeting and Seminar at Eupolis Lombardia

On a fine summer day in August before holiday, Young Ambassadors again met to attend a seminar held at the Eupolis Lombardia office about Tourism and Explora in order to broaden the knowledge about the field.

The YA members have always been fond of travelling and tourism. Being at new places to gain experiences is never a boredom for each of our members. Not only visiting new places and attractive destinations, increasing deep knowledge about how the tourism and travel services are developed is also very interesting for us.

Therefore, today we gathered at Eupolis to learn more about the tourism world and Explora board to get to know more about the field and the board. After the meeting and seminar, Young Ambassadors developed the conclusion about the session to be able to decide the further steps important to take and proceed until theā€¦

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