Risotto ai Funghi Porcini

risotto italiano con funghi porcini
risotto italiano con funghi porcini

Italians also eat lots of rice dishes. They call it risotto in their original language. In the photo is one my favourite Italian rice dishes that is simple but yummy.

The dish is called Risotto with funghi porcini. And the rice includes the porcini mushrooms. As someone who likes mushrooms a lot, I can say I’m fully satisfied eating it.

Other than the mushrooms, the recipe also includes butter and parmesan cheese to make it creamy and tasty. Porcini mushrooms are very expensive mushroom type in Italy and famous too. We can say the price is like Asian Shiitake mushrooms though the taste and flavour clearly show that they are completely different.

For risotto italiano ~ Italian rice dish, this is one menu that I will always enjoy to eat.

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