Bak Cang ( Zongzi)


Have you ever seen this food? This is originally Chinese food called Bak Cang or Zongzi. It’s in a form of sticky rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves.

The rice inside usually contains meat such as duck, pork, or if you like it, you can fill it also with beef, like the one in this picture.

Other version is the sweet ones. Yes, it’s not always the one with salted meat inside. Often it can also be sweet with red beans.

This is one of the famous Chinese food in the world with many varieties and it’s cooked by steaming it. Sometimes, people may also call it rice dumplings.

These Bak Cangs are usually eaten in Chinese festival but considering its fame, now it’s also eaten by lots of people in many countries.

Do you love it? I surely do 😉

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