Como Lake and Bellagio Village – KnowBrid (Knowledge Bridge) – Bridging the Generation Gap – an event of Eupolis Lombardia, attended by Young Ambassadors

Young Ambassadors

Today on Thursday, April 24, 2014, Young Ambassadors and Eupolis Lombardia had a project and program at one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Como Lake, for the event called KnowBrid – Knowledge Bridge. The focus of the event is “To bridge the generation gap”.

This adventurous and exciting event was attended by our Young Ambassadors from China and Indonesia (Du Wanlin and Dewi Wihardja) plus professionals from visiting countries such as Spain and Turkey. Not left behind, one of the Young Ambassadors’ supervisor from Eupolis, Matteo Matteini, also accompanied the journey.

The adventure focused on two admirably beautiful destinations in Italy, Bellagio Village and Como Lake, for their worldwide well-known cultures, history, and beauty.

Como Lake

The lake is shaped similar to the letter “Y”. The northern part of the lake Como begins from the town of Colico while the towns of Como and Lecco…

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