Easter Eggs – Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone, or more specific, Happy belated Easter 😉

During the Easter celebration and tradition, this is one of my favorite traditions, Easter Eggs made of yummy chocolates. The picture below displays two Easter Eggs that I luckily received on Sunday Easter.

They’re made of two types, the dark chocolate one or Fondente in Italian and the milk Chocolate, Latte.

Easter Eggs are one of the most important traditions to give around during Easter.

Easter eggs
  Easter eggs

Easter eggs are usually beautifully decorated eggs that are often given to celebrate Easter. Originally, the very first tradition is to use dyed and painted chicken eggs with beautiful decorations on them. However, with the time passes, the modern version has become famous as the substitution to the real Chicken eggs, which are chocolate eggs, as shown in the picture.

As many people believe generally, eggs are the traditional symbol of fertility and rebirth.  In fact for the Christians, Easter eggs symbolize the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Sunday Easter.

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