Colomba Pasquale – Italian Easter Cake

If before I ever talked about the Italian Christmas cakes, Panettone and Pandoro, here’s another type of traditional cake in Italian Easter culture, Colomba Pasquale – Easter Colomba, which is also known as Easter Dove, as the form is made as Dove.

The dough for the colomba is made similarly to the dough of Panettone, which includes  flour, eggs, sugar, natural yeast, and butter. However, the difference with Panettone is that Colomba Pasquale contains candied peel and it doesn’t use raisins to make it.

Moreover, what makes it also different is that Colomba is topped with pearl sugar and almonds. For Panettone and Pandoro lovers and if they miss Christmas cakes, this Colomba is a very good and the closest substitution for Easter, which practically is said also as a “must” to eat for tradition in Easter.

Colomba Pasquale
Colomba Pasquale

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