The Second Birthday of My Precious Baby BEI

BEI's Second Birthday 04/04/14
BEI’s Second Birthday 04/04/14

Yep, today my BEI turned two years old. He was born on April 4, 2012. So, I’ll say to him, Happy Birthday my dear baby. Getting you in my life was one of the best moments, decisions, and experiences I’ve ever had.

Having him in my life has given me a lot of happiness that money can’t buy. He accompanies me when I feel lonely, He consoles me whenever I feel sad, and he’s very nice to hug as he has soft cute  little fluffy body.

Honestly I’ve had him only since a year ago when he was 11 months. A lot of concerns came quite a lot to me as some people said that getting dogs that are no longer puppies could be hard for adaptation and chemistry between the owners and the dogs. But it was lucky that I’ve never followed those thoughts and concerns.

What I was sad was only about him having a bit of difficulty for staying away from his first owner, changing his house, and losing his twenty other dogs companion to move and adapt to two totally new different people he had never met before. I’m sure it was the saddest time of his life after 11 months being with a person and other twenty dog friends.

It took pretty much 3 months before he finally realized that he was meant to live with me from that on. I was worried and unhappy to see his sad face the first moments he was with me. But gladly, now the “clouds” are gone.

He’s really such a calm dog with sweet personality, a bit spoiled at times but he gives a lot of fun and happiness to my life. The only things that matter to me for his life are that I could maintain his health and long life as best as I could plus give him the best life I could to show him how much he’s loved in his new family for the last one year and also for the rest of his life.

Happy Birthday again BEI, I love you so much ❤



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