Roger Federer, Your Initials Contribute to the Word “PeRFect”

Roger Federer
Roger Federer

This writing may come a bit out of topic from what I usually write. This is one of my most leisure time activities, Watching Tennis. Talking about tennis, everyone has their own idol, but for me, that idol hasn’t changed for five years (since the first time I liked tennis). That idol was the the one dragging me into loving tennis as my most favourite sport to watch. And that guy is Roger Federer, with initial RF, which initials also form the middle of the word “PeRFect”.

I spotted this guy when he was 28 in my country’s cable TV, playing in one of his top moments in 2009, and I directly knew that time, this guy must be number one in his field in that year, and I was right. Just looking how he moves, his strategy, his tactics, his beautiful shots on court, you just know he does have it in him to be the greatest of all time until this moment I’m writing the blog.

I know he’s no longer number one at the moment, he was having his bad year so far last year in 2013 to early 2014, ranked as number 6 and 8 in tennis field but now, he’s ranked again as number 4. But for me, no matter now he’s no longer so dominant in tennis, he’s proven more than anything and than anyone to be called the greatest player of all time so far til today.

Pocketing 17 Grand Slams (big tournaments in tennis) in which 7 of those are Wimbledon titles, the most prestigious GS of all four GS and staying 302 weeks as World’s number one in tennis, in which, 237 weeks were consecutive ones (which none has reached so far) must have said it all. So far this guy has bagged 78 titles in his career, winning more than 900 matches of all matches he played at the moment I write this blog, that I suspect will reach 1000 soon.

He’s not one of the youngest in his field, he was born in August 1981, so that makes him 32.5 years old at the moment I write this blog, though he clearly still shows that he’s still got it in him to play so well.

Is That All?

I hope I could stop just here to say all about him but nope. There are so much in him that could make his fans in love with him and adore him more than any other tennis players. What I mean is his continuous commitment in helping the unfortunate children, with his Roger Federer foundation.

This foundation was founded around 10 years ago. And so far, They have helped not only the children in his country in Switzerland, but it also continuously delivers all it can in Africa; Ethiopia, Zambia, Malawi, Boswana, Zimbabwe, SA, and I’m sure Roger Federer foundation, which is under Roger’s care, will continue to help children as much as they could.

« Education empowers children by allowing them to take their future into their own hands and play an active part in shaping it. In many countries this opportunity, despite the best will in the world, is denied to the majority of children. For the past ten years my Foundation has been committed to providing these children with the opportunity for a good education. At present our work is still in the early stages. We aim to reach a million children by 2018. » ” – Roger Federer – Retrieved March 29, 2014 from

This is his and their mission, with the motto “I AM TOMORROW’S FUTURE” – which clearly means the children are tomorrow’s future.

Roger Federer has clearly shown that he is successful in both as a tennis player and also as a human being, added with the fact that he has also built a lovely family with two beautiful twins that will be accompanied with new member(s) in few months, their next kid(s).

As a true fan, I just want to say you best wishes for your family, your career, and your Roger Federer’s Foundation. May you and family be blessed for your good deeds. I will continue supporting you for whatever happens, no matter you’re no longer number one in tennis.

I supported you when you were number 8 and I will keep supporting you in tennis even if you will have your bad moments again, or even if for the worst (though I’m not praying for it), that you drop outside top 10 or 20 and you still enjoy playing.

Just listen to your heart Roger, never listen to anyone telling you to retire when you don’t feel it yet, just do what you love to do. My full and sincere support will always be at your side in tennis whenever you’re on one side of the tennis court playing, whether you lose or win and whether you’re playing at your best or at your less.

Disclaimer: I don’t work for either Roger Federer or Roger Federer’s Foundation and these are clearly my two cents as his pure fan. The links and photo I inserted are not mine but only for references for readers who might want to see Roger’s websites and web-sources.





  1. teny says:

    I am glad to have read this on the day Roger Federer is looking for his 18th title 🙂
    Nice how you used RF 🙂


    1. Dewi Wihardja says:

      Let’s hope for the best today. We believe he’s still got his pure talent. He needs to play all of it today. Novak is surely very hard to defeat but I believe he still can do it. It’s grass, his home.


      1. teny says:

        Yes, definitely his place and his time again.


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