Spinach with Mozzarella Cheese

Spinach with Mozzarella
Spinach with Mozzarella

I’ve always loved Spinach even since I was still living in my own country. Not only that it’s a tasty green vegetable, it is also famous for its benefits for our health.

In Indonesia, I used to eat Spinach cooked with Corn or Egg with some soup adding to it so that the dish wouldn’t be too dry.

However since I moved, I found another delicious way to cook one of my favourite vegetables. As we all know, the Italians are very famous for their cheese, which is one of the cheese types includes Mozzarella.

In Italy, Mozzarella has been one of my favourite cheese types, together with Parmesan, Ricotta, Italian Cream Cheese, etc.

But I admit, for cooking Spinach, I found Mozzarella as one of the best as additional ingredient to make this vegetable taste better. Of course, honestly I haven’t tried the other cheese types to cook this vegetable.

Though, for now, this has been one of my favourite simple but healthy dishes. If you guys think that it could be your taste too, don’t hesitate to try and taste it (if you haven’t) 😉

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