When You Exit Your Comfort Zone, That’s When Your Real Life Begins

One Sunny Summer Day in Milan
One Sunny Summer Day in Milan

I often hear that our lives really begin when we exit our comfort zones. For me that’s really true (well of course the comfort zone for each person is different from one another).

For example, in my case, my comfort zone was when I still live with my parents. Yep I’m one big mommy girl actually. She’s totally a perfect mom, not only acting as a mother but also as a sister and best friend who doesn’t only give wisdom but also never tries to be a dictator in teaching her children.

She used to take care of “my stuffs”. Well you know, they say that our things are never lost until our mothers can’t find them for us LOL

But of course finally, I moved out of this comfort zone of mine when I was around 26 years old to move to another country. I know I know, this is surely late for most people, especially maybe Americans or other western who usually leave their parents’ house at between 18 to 21 years old.

People often say that moving to Italy could be a life long dream, it’s the country of beautiful places to visit plus the country where you can find the famous dishes such as Pasta and Pizza. And other thing, living in Europe seems to still be “wow” for many people.

Of course, that’s somehow true. But when I started living here, that’s when my real life began as a grownup (not fully paradise as princess):  my higher study, my independent life in terms of taking care of everything by my own (such as cooking, cleaning, counting my own budgets well, finance, and other stuffs).

You really can’t depend on anyone, it was really the time for me to fully grow up, especially maybe because I’m a woman. Usually for men they say it’s still normal for not cooking and cleaning and for having someone to do them for men 😀

I don’t complain. I’m sure this was a great step for me. It’s been 2.5 years so far and I never really regret for having to adapt myself in a totally new country (from Asian country to Western country).

Adaptation took some time. But, never regret where we are now, keep being grateful as everything happens for a reason. Never look back to regret, just look at the past as the past, experience, and learning. Keep moving forward and put our eyes to our future as nobody knows where our journeys (for each person) take us next 🙂


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