Happy Valentine’s Day

Eiffel Tower (August 2013)
Eiffel Tower (August 2013)

Yes, today on February 14, again we celebrate what people call the day of love, the day for the couples and lovers, or the day when we can show more love to others, Valentine’s day. Many people refer Valentine’s day as the day for couples or lovers.

The symbols for Valentine’s Day are often associated with shapes of hearts, doves, and cupids. This is the day when most couple would celebrate it as the day for romantic moments and mark it with special gifts and cards. Some people would even give chocolates and flowers to their loved ones on Valentine’s day.

This is a good thing actually. But I may add that besides for lovers and couples only; I think it could also be the day for singles when we can also celebrate and give presents on Valentine’s day to our loved ones other than our partners, such as our beloved friends, families, and even pets (as I have one :p ).

Moreover, even if Valentine’s day may be the official and special day of showing love celebrated for so many years already, I think it would be even better if we never forget to show our care and love to our loved ones not only on Valentine’s Day, but every day as our love and care for others are continuous and aren’t only for one day only.

But anyway, Happy Valentine’s day again for all, doubles and singles 🙂

From Italy with love,

Dewi, Alberto, and BEI

P.S.  I choose Eiffel Tower for the attached pic as Eiffel Tower is often recognized as the romantic and beautiful spot for doubles 😉



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