Sacred Mountain in Varese, Lombardy, Italy

One of the Chapels in Varese's Sacred Mountain
One of the Chapels in Varese’s Sacred Mountain

In the picture, you can see one of the beautiful chapels that’s located in one of the Sacred Mountains in Italy, which is in Varese, Lombardy, Italy. This location can be reached easily by an hour train from Milan, Italy.

I visited it in December 2011 during one sunny and beautiful winter day. The chapels include 14 in total, which describe the 14 steps that Jesus Christ took on His way to crucifixion. This is a very good place for the Christians to visit.

But, not only that, it’s also a good place for other tourists as it’s really historical to explore, such as visiting these chapels and also other architectural features there that were created in the late 16th and 17th centuries, dedicated to different aspects of the Christian faith.

Additionally, around the Sacred Mountain, there are also naturally beautiful landscapes such as hills, forests and lakes. The Sacred Mountain of Varese has been declared as one of the world heritage sites of UNESCO, together with the other Sacred Mountains outside Lombardy or outside Italy.

If you step your foot in Milan, it’s highly advisable to visit this near place while you’re there as an hour is nothing when the place to visit is worth your time.

You can find more information about it at UNESCO’s official page at

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