What Do You Think about Racism?

Racism, the discrimination to certain race, could happen anywhere. In the past, people thought that the usual racism always happened to the race that has the darkest color of skin, done by the race that has the brightest color of skin. Some people even use the term black and white.

But you know what, in my opinion, it doesn’t always work like that. For me, racism could happen anywhere in the world, anytime in the world, and could happen to any race in the world (even to the race stereotyped to do racism the most), done by any race in the world (even by the race that used to be stereotyped as the victims of racism).

For me, racism could be done by any race that becomes the majority in an area or a nation or the major people in the place to any minority living in their area. This could happen for three reasons according to me, which are the fear to strange or new thing or people (xenophobia), no respect for diversity, and also the habit to stereotype others who are different badly.

Sometimes, the existence of little part (minority) that looks different in a society, such as different race with different culture and way of thinking, is considered more as threat that could steal the majority’s opportunities for anything or disturbance than as the beauty of differences. Or even more, the existence of this little part in a society of an area is considered as misbehavior that could bring disorder to the majority.

Stereotypes to others and the thoughts that what are different from themselves are weird and not good make them think that they (the majority) are right to treat others the way they want, such as with discrimination, suspicion, or refusal.

As someone who sometimes travel to certain countries, I received already some racism to myself in three countries I’ve been so far. But they weren’t all done by the race that has the brightest color of skin. Some were even done by races that often claim that they are always the victims. Like I said, it could happen to anybody and could be done by anybody.

But actually, who are we to judge that something different from us is awful? When we all will pass away, what will remain from our body are only our skulls that all kinds of races have almost exactly the same. Skin color, Hair Color, Eye Color and Eye shape won’t matter anymore.

The question is, “Do we want to respect differences and accept that humans should be differentiated by their personalities or behaviors plus actions and not by physical states of birth like physical appearances or by their cultures?”

Only we, deep down in the heart, know well what the answer is. But anyway, these are just my two cents 🙂

What about you guys? Are you ready to consider differences as beauty and uniqueness instead of threat and disturbance?

Change -  We Can! It all starts from ourselves
Change – We Can!
It all starts from ourselves

This was the photo that I made as contribution for UNESCO around 2.5 years ago. It could be seen in one of their albums on their official Facebook Page (if it hasn’t been removed)

Cheers, and goodnight

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