Facebook’s 10th Anniversary

Yes Facebook just celebrated its 10th anniversary today. I could say that I’m one of those who uses Facebook a lot.  Maybe most of you will be surprised but I use it like at least 5 hours daily, especially from early 2008. Why? I’ll explain further.

Many people think that spending your time in Facebook means wasting your time. I disagree as many of my hours (I just used an application where the Facebook users could estimate their usage of Facebook from the beginning), I use it also for work and finding information exchange about my study.

This is what I found out about my Facebook usage :p

“480 DAYS, 14 HOURS, and 10 MINUTES Since Oct 12, 2007. Facebook is 3,653 days old. You’ve belonged for 2,307 of them and posted 14,970 things to your feed in that time”

I wouldn’t lie by telling that I use all the time for working and useful stuffs but I’m just saying that I used many of those time for productive moments such as work as in 2008 for the next 2 years, I worked as a web Copywriter and PR in a web-hosting company. So, they have their Facebook page that I managed at that time.

Even until now, as I’m still studying in the university to get my master degree, I also use Facebook for receiving and exchanging information with the other students in the program group. Others, I also use Facebook to meet again the people in the past that I’d like to keep contact with.

I’m personally thankful for what Mark Zuckerberg has created as it’s not only for wasting time but also for helping many groups of study for exchanging information and also many organizations or businesses to promote their existences to the world, and many of them are for free of charge.

It’s like you get your own marketing strategy such as in Facebook groups and fan pages to let people know better about you, your organizations, and your businesses to get more acknowledgement worldwide. And let’s admit it, in 2014, Social Networking sites have been one of the most effective tools for marketing and PR strategy as the internet users keep growing and people have the need to connect and interact faster with the whole world.

To me, Facebook is still the best among all social networking websites as they have such complete features that keep growing, to suit the needs for all people. I don’t know with you, but I do love Facebook a lot. Well, and I also do love WordPress as it also helps us to express ourselves in writings 😉

Thanks again Mark Zuckerberg. We’ll keep waiting for your innovations in this huge social networking website.

The last Facebook innovation that I found was the application where we can see all of our moments in a brief one minute video at this link  https://www.facebook.com/lookback

See yours if you’re interested. I don’t know the algorithm they use to select our moments, but it’s amazing and doesn’t take much time to try 🙂

Goodnight guys 🙂

Good night
Good night

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